3 Words to Guide Your Social Presence

3 Words to Guide Your Social Presence

Nearly 70 percent of pharma companies are planning to increase their social media spend this year. However, the key question is whether our industry can effectively leverage the power of social media or will it treat social media as just another channel to push messages through.

Undoubtedly, there’s patient demand for healthcare information to be more readily served up on their turf—more than two-thirds prefer that pharmaceutical companies reach them through digital channels. But how to go about it successfully is still often viewed as something of a mystery.

The key is to use social media to talk with patients, not at them. Of course, you want to provide valuable, relevant information that pertains to your product. However, it’s equally important to listen to what they want and need, so that you can respond accordingly.

Here are three words to guide your social media efforts:

Authentic: The content is fueled by real insights and delivers genuine emotional connections by offering support, education, and encouragement to take action.

Transparent: You’re a company with a bottom line. That’s OK. Branded or unbranded, patients would prefer to know the whole truth. However, this means that you also need to design and develop your content and communities with a sincere intent to just plain help the patient, too.

Reliable: This represents the right balance of messaging both in terms of content and frequency. It means that you’re talking about your product explicitly 30 percent or less often, and the remainder of the time you’re all about creating positive relationships. It also means that you follow each channel’s best practices for posting frequency, rather than trying to bombard followers.

While this is far from a full-fledged social media strategy, it’s a solid foundation from which to grow. Patients appreciate and respond to this type of approach because it is real and reaches them where they already are.