The Key to Deep Consumer Relationships is Sharing

The Key to Deep Consumer Relationships is Sharing

An online brand questionnaire conducted by Edelman recently confirmed what every mother knows: It’s nice to share.

Given to more than 11,000 people across 8 countries, the study found that consumers are more connected to the brands we share experiences with. The top-down approach to marketing is no longer attractive. People want to be a part of the action. They don’t just want things served up to them; they actually want to be a part of the team that prepares the meal.

Here are some of the key findings:
• 90% of people want brands to share
• 10% of people think brands share well
• 40% want your brand to engage with them in more meaningful conversations
• 40% want you to do more to give back to the community

And perhaps the most compelling of all is that there is a direct correlation between brands that share and people’s intent to use, purchase, and recommend that brand. In other words, if you actively engage your users, they become invested in your success.

Edelman broke down the sharing paradigm into six categories:
• Shared Dialogue
• Shared Experience
• Shared Goals
• Shared Values
• Shared Product
• Shared History

As organizations and consumers share more, the depth of the connectedness and subsequent consumer intent also progresses. Conversing with your consumers builds trust, while actively co-creating with them deepens the relationship and earns their loyalty.

Pharma can and must adapt to the sharing paradigm if it is going to provide patients with a great experience. Are you ready to share in PEP’s journey to embrace authenticity and leverage co-creation?