PEP/EVERSANA published in Journal of Clinical Pathways

Published paper spotlights patient-centered opportunity for improving medical care.

Shay Ashline, PhD, and Kristin LaBounty Phillips, MPH, Patient Experience Project (PEP), an EVERSANA™agency; and Richard Stefanacci,DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD, and Matthew Pakizegee, PharmD, MS, Managed Markets, EVERSANA, have published an article outlining the important role patients can play in improving clinical pathways.

The paper, titled Engaging Patients in Care Through Greater Access to Medical Records and Clinical Pathways, was published in the April 2019 issue of the Journal of Clinical Pathways. The article details the unique yet often overlooked role patients can play in ensuring their own continuity of care by being given enhanced access to medical records. By involving patients more deeply in their own medical history and care, healthcare providers have the opportunity to tap into the immense knowledge patients have garnered over the years about their condition and experience, enabling the physician to better solve the clinical problem they are presented with.

“Rare and complex disease communities often provide a road map for how to improve care through greater involvement of the patient in their healthcare journey,” said Dr. Ashline, medical strategist at PEP. “The patient is the expert in these situations and has a lot to offer when it comes to decision making on their behalf.”

“Providing access to medical records can help patients feel more involved in their own care and in their treatment journey,” said Dr. Stefanacci, chief medical officer, managed markets, EVERSANA. “Patients with access to their own medical records may even receive a diagnosis earlier because they often act as their own champions of care.”

PEP’s nationally recognized approach to marketing and communications focuses on gaining a thorough understanding of the patient journey, identifying unmet needs and other insights, and co-creating solutions by partnering directly with patients and caregivers.

“We are driven to find patient-centered solutions to help our clients meet their business objectives, while also leading the conversation about how doing what’s right for the patient invariably leads to much-needed improvements in our healthcare system as a whole, and this article exemplifies that,” said Seth Gordon, general manager, patient and HCP services.

Authors of the paper:

  • Shay Ashline, PhD, medical strategist, PEP,
  • Kristin LaBounty Phillips, MPH, managing director of strategy, PEP
  • Richard Stefanacci, DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD, chief medical officer, Managed Markets, EVERSANA
  • Matthew Pakizegee, PharmD, MS, clinical content lead for government policy systems, Managed Markets, EVERSANA

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