PEP Profile: Emily Cortez

Emily Cortez has been with the Patient Experience Project (PEP) since November 2017 and works in PEP’s Chicago office. In her role as an account director, Emily is responsible for managing project workflow, with a particular focus on clinical trial recruitment and retention projects as part of PEPtrials.

What do you find rewarding about working at PEP?
I find it so rewarding to hear about outcomes and stories from Workgroups from my colleagues who have those opportunities to engage with patients and caregivers. I also love that our office’s walls are filled with pictures of the patients who really drive and inspire our work. Those images inspire me on a daily basis.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Surround yourself with positive energy and people; life is too short to focus on the negative.

What is your personal mantra in life?
Live, love, laugh!

 Do you have any secret skills or talents?
I wish. I am hoping my children fare better than I did in the talents department.

Describe how you like to spend time outside of work.
I love to take advantage of the short summers in Chicago and spend as much time as I can outside, visiting parks, the zoo, the pool, and, of course, the occasional ice cream shop with my family. In cooler months—of which there are many—I love taking advantage of the theater scene in Chicago, and I try to squeeze in a yoga class as often as I can.