PEP Profile: Tammy La Farr

Tammy LaFarr started with PEP at the beginning and has worked in all 3 offices PEP has called home in Saratoga Springs—from Spring Street to Railroad Place to its present location at Congress Plaza. Over the years, Tammy has found herself serving in various roles, from payroll and budgeting to office manager and business manager. With PEP now part of EVERSANA, Tammy is a valuable resource in the management of day-to-day financial operations. Learn more about Tammy and what makes her proud to be a part of the PEP/EVERSANA team.

What do you find rewarding about working at PEP, an EVERSANA agency? Share a memorable story.
When I joined the team, I did not realize I was about to work in a way I’ve never experienced before. We were building the agency as we were living it, and it was exhilarating. I remember our first holiday
party––8 of us enjoying an amazing lunch at one of our favorite places, The Olde Bryan Inn— compared to last year’s holiday party at The Lodge, where 100+ colleagues and significant others toasted the year’s successes.

Is there something you want people to know about working here?
I want them to know how rewarding it is to be a part of such a unique team. PEP’s founder, Dan Bobear, had a vision to give patients with rare diseases a voice, along with their families and caregivers. I’m glad EVERSANA shares that mindset and I believe I contribute to helping fulfill that vision. I know that all my hard work has been and continues to be appreciated. At the end of the day, I know I’ve contributed to something that is bigger than me. It’s humbling.

Do you have any secret skills or talents?
I own a Harley, and when I’m riding, it’s “Tammy time!”  I have to be incredibly focused when I’m riding–– unlike driving a car when I’m still connected through Bluetooth and have time to think about the lists of things I still want to accomplish for the day or week. On the Harley, it’s me, the bike, and the road. I feel the same way about snowmobiling––as long as I’m warm, all is good.

Describe how you like to spend time outside of work.
I love camping with my family and grandson. It’s amazing how quickly the world falls away when I hear the giggles of this precious toddler or the laughter of my family. They are usually laughing with me (as they say), but it makes my heart happy. We are super close, and there’s a lot of love shared as we create fun memories.