PEP Profiles: Danielle Morgan

Danielle Morgan is a key part of PEPpartners, PEP’s Patient Relationship Management (PRM) division. Danielle works as a patient experience coordinator, assisting and building positive relationships with patients and caregivers.

What led you to this field?
I was working in sales and loved the people aspect of it, but I was looking to do something more impactful. My older sister is an account supervisor at PEP and told me about an opportunity in their patient relationship management department. It sounded exciting and challenging, and so the stars aligned, and here I am.

What do you like best about your job?
As part of the PRM team, we are the frontline liaisons to the patients and caregivers we work with. There’s a moment with every patient/caregiver when you realize you’ve formed a real relationship. It could be knowing their travel preferences without asking them, or they might make a small joke about a previous conversation you’ve had, but over time it happens with everyone. When it does, it doesn’t make this work feel like work anymore.

Is there anything about working at PEP that you find particularly rewarding?
Giving these patients and caregivers a voice to help others is the most rewarding part of my job. After receiving a diagnosis, most have expressed feeling hopeless and out of control. Offering them this platform to get involved with advocacy, help inform future initiatives, and speak to other families gives them a sense of control, however big or small, over their situation. They know they’re impacting the lives of other families dealing with the same disease.

Do you have a favorite moment at PEP or a memorable story?
Going to Charleston, South Carolina, for a workgroup with patients and being able to collaborate on a project with my sister Lindsay.

Is there anything you want people to know about PEP?
No two days are the same at PEP, and it moves FAST, but once you find your groove, it all becomes second nature. Also, PEP has some of the kindest, funniest, and most talented people I’ve ever met.

Do you have any secret skills or talents?
I’m teaching myself Norwegian, (I think) I can hold my own in Jeopardy, and I can find you the cheapest flight ANYWHERE!

Are you involved in any volunteer work outside of PEP? If so, explain why this is near and dear to your heart or what your role is.
I make it a point to donate blood. I’ve had family members who’ve needed blood transfusions to stay healthy and continue treatment. It’s such a small commitment and literally saves people’s lives.