PEP Profiles: Jamey Hardesty

Jamey has been part of PEP’s medical team for a year and a half. His natural ability to teach is evident in his patient and enthusiastic translation of complex medical information into language that is easy to understand. That’s no small task in an industry where the names of conditions and treatments can be difficult to even pronounce and advancements in science are nothing short of miraculous. Beyond being a valued contributor to the agency, Jamey is also a civic-minded person who cares about making a difference in the community.

What led you to this field?
Probably like most people (or at least most scientists), I ended up in marketing by chance…or perhaps destiny…or maybe it was all those Sunday-night episodes of Mad Men throughout grad school. The actual story of how I ended up at an agency was that I was working at Apple and had developed a working friendship with one of my clients, who asked me if I’d considered marketing and going back to my science roots. I hadn’t, but a few months later, I was in my first marketing role as a medical strategist! The rest is history!

What do you like best about your job?
There are many facets of my job that I love. There are some parts that I dread, but those ultimately end up being some of the most fulfilling moments in my work. For example, the thrill of launching a first-in-class revolutionary therapy into the market is matched by few things in my career, but it also requires a lot of intensive and detailed work.

Is there anything about working at PEP that you find particularly rewarding?
When you see the work you’ve spent weeks/months/years strategizing and creating in front of patients as they share how a therapy (and the work you did to help bring it to market) has changed their lives, every late night and rigorous round of review instantly becomes worth it. Those living with rare diseases and their families come first in everything we do at PEP and inspire me every day in my work.

Do you have a favorite moment at PEP or a memorable story?
It was probably my first patient and family workgroup. When I came to PEP, I wasn’t exactly sure how the co-creation process was going to work compared to traditional agency models. As I sat in the first 15 minutes of the session hearing stories from families living with rare disease, I knew that I was in the right place and that the PEP co-creation model was truly special.

Is there anything you want people to know about PEP?
I’ve never met a more selfless and understanding group. I am proud of the work we do, but I’m also proud of the people I work with. They’ve shown incredible flexibility and understanding toward me being a dad, and I’ve rarely had to sacrifice being a great dad to also do my job well. It’s a rare thing in marketing to find genuine support for not only the work we create, but the people who create it as well.

Do you have any secret skills or talents?
I am a beer lover and an avid home brewer. A little less so than before my 2 daughters, but the love for the art and science of creating beer continues to be a passion of mine!

Are you involved in any volunteer work outside of PEP?
I sit on and am vice chairperson of the associate board for Community Hospice. This has been important in my life, having lost grandparents who didn’t have great hospice experiences. I wanted to make sure that there was dignity in end-of-life care so that others received better care than my grandparents did.