PEP Profiles: Lindsay Bodkin

It’s been three years since Lindsay joined the Patient Experience Project’s account team, and her brand of smart and personable professionalism has made the office a much richer place. Lindsay’s leadership and brilliant wit serves her well in her account supervisor role. She is an unassuming leader who naturally leaves people smiling in her wake and grateful to be on her team. Enjoy reading the responses of a talented colleague, lover of the British royal family, and proud mom to a beautiful daughter. 

What do you find rewarding about working at PEP?
I love coming together—PEP, our clients, these families—to help these rare disease communities and go into their homes, meet their families, pet their dogs, and tell their stories. We know the trust they are putting in us to do it right, and we don’t take that lightly!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
To laugh, at everything.

What is your personal mantra in life?
From the sweet Lin-Manuel Miranda, I’d say, “love is love is love is love.”

Do you have any secret skills or talents?
I’m pretty good at the dreaded small talk!

Describe how you like to spend time outside of work.
I have a one-year-old little girl named Poppy, who is the sun in my sky! I am a loyal University of Tennessee football fan, although they’ve been testing my dedication in recent seasons. I live for a crisp fall day and any moment I can soak up time with my little family.

Are you involved in any volunteer work outside of PEP?
I donate blood as often as I can. Hopefully, there won’t come a day when you need to rely on a blood donor’s kindness, but it’s my little way of giving back what someone did for my family when we needed it.