PEP Profiles: Tyler Mason

Tyler Mason is an integral part of the Patient Experience Project (PEP) team. He is an account director and digital strategy expert with extensive experience in pharmaceutical marketing.

What led you to this field?
Tyler: Honestly, chance. Many years ago, I was job searching and saw a listing for an “associate producer.” I assumed at the time that this position was in the film/media space, and I had some experience there. Come to find out it was an ad agency project management role…but the interview process went well, and I ended up supporting a major product launch in my first year. Learned a lot about agencies and the healthcare sector that year!

What do you like best about your job?
Tyler: Because we work in the rare and complex disease space, the problems we’re tasked with solving are often much more challenging than [those in] traditional marketing. I like the constant challenge and team-based critical thinking and finding big successes in small places.

Is there anything about working at PEP that you find particularly rewarding?
Tyler: When you’re able to meet with real patients and families living with a rare disease and have the opportunity listen to their stories and feedback on what you’ve been doing for their community, it is an incredibly rewarding yet humbling experience. It’s the real deal.

 Do you have any secret skills or talents?
Tyler: Not so secret, but I build computers and websites as a hobby.