PEP Profile: Tressie La Fay

Tressie LaFay has been with the Patient Experience Project for 2.5 years. She is a talented copywriter whose genuine empathy for others comes across in all of her work.

What led you to this field?
My master’s degree is in Narrative Medicine, which focuses on teaching empathy in healthcare, so working at PEP is a perfect fit for me!

What do you like best about your job?
I like that I’m always learning something new. And even when things get hard or frustrating, at least I get to spend my days with people I genuinely like. Also, we laugh a lot!

Is there anything about working at PEP that you find particularly rewarding?
I always wanted to go to medical school until I tried studying for the MCAT and said, “NO THANK YOU!” But learning about all the conditions that affect our patients definitely fuels the part of me that wanted to learn about the human body and how to help people who are sick. I love that.

Do you have a favorite moment at PEP or a memorable story?
I’ll never forget driving around Nashville with my coworkers, Lindsay and Shay, at 10:45 pm trying to find an open natural foods market so we could buy umbrellas and protein-free cheese for a workgroup. There’s nothing we won’t do for our patients!

Is there anything you want people to know about PEP?
Our work can be very serious, and we take it seriously. But the most important thing to me about PEP is that those tough, sometimes sad, moments are balanced by a lot of joy––from seeing what a new treatment has done for a family to the satisfaction our patients get from helping others to genuinely enjoying the people I work with every day.

Do you have any secret skills or talents?
Drop me into any scene of the movie Miracle and I can start reciting verbatim.

Also, I am the agency’s go-to person whenever we need something handwritten. My handwriting has even been used in one of our client’s promotional campaigns!