PEP Launches Expanded Clinical Trial Recruitment Services

The Patient Experience Project (PEP) has launched PEPtrials, a truly patient-centric clinical trial recruitment and retention service.

The human connection is what differentiates the PEPtrials approach, which taps into the power of patient engagement to locate hard-to-find patients, educate them with patient-friendly materials about the clinical study, and develop lasting, trusting relationships with patients, caregivers, and their communities. PEP has long utilized a deep understanding of patient and caregiver needs and digital search strategies to help clients address common enrollment barriers. PEPtrials expands PEP’s recruitment services into a more comprehensive offering for clinical trial teams.

“We’re laser focused on how to design and deliver the best patient experience at every point in the patient journey,”  PEP President and Founder Dan Bobear  explained. “Clinical trial recruitment is one key touchpoint on the journey where the patient has a lot of unmet needs. PEPtrials is our way of bringing expertise in engaging patients to bear on solving all-too-common recruitment challenges.”

Low rates of enrollment continue to hamper clinical trials of promising new therapies. PEPtrials has a proven way to meet enrollment numbers, reduce the cost of enrollment per patient, and most importantly, do what’s good for patients before, during, and after the clinical trial. Learn more at

About PEP
PEP offers a full array of services including: PEPtrials (clinical trial recruitment and retention); website, video, animation, and epic content creation; online-community building; social media content and strategy; digital advertising strategy and execution; traditional marketing and branding; and patient relationship management. PEP’s success in serving the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and biotechnology industries is attributable to the agency’s nationally recognized co-creation approach. PEP collaborates with the foremost disease experts—patients and their caregivers—to co-create solutions that target unmet needs.